The Making of a Book Cover by LaVerne Cutrone

For the past five years, my cousin, Christine B., has asked me to design a book cover for her paranormal murder mystery books. So this is what happens when I read her books . . . 

Christine B. sends me the first draft of her newly written book.  As I naively read each chapter,  I write down a few words that describe "items" that I find exciting from each chapter.

By the time I finish reading the book, I have a long list of ideas.  Using Adobe Photoshop software and utilizing photos that Christine B. took on her travels, or photos I find in my own photo files, digital images are manipulated and layered on top of each other to create a book cover that includes the following images:

Images that portray and highlight the events that occur inside the book.

Images that symbolize the author, Christine B.

Images that symbolize me, LaVerne Cutrone.

So, when you view the book covers of many of Christine B.'s paranormal mysteries, look behind the cover and search for the enigmatic symbolism behind the images. 

LaVerne is also an awesome editor.  She helps me edit all of my books, as well.  Each one of my books is edited four times before I publish it.  I know I miss some mistakes before my books go to print, and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to catch every error.  I hope you will forgive them and enjoy the story anyway. 

Christine B. 🙂