Sep. 11, 2020

Photoshop Filters

Pigeon Point Lighthouse ~ California (c) 2001 Chrostome B.

This is one of my favorite lighthouses in California. And this is one of my favorite Photoshop filters. It is called Fresco. It makes your photographs look like a painting. I bring all of my photographs through Photoshop Elements after I take them. I make sure they are all 300 dpi, that they are made smaller, and that their contrast is how I like it. Photoshop is my darkroom now for my digital photographs. I do not consider this cheating because I think about Ansel Adams and the hours he spent in the darkroom manipulating his prints in there. No one ever accused Ansel of cheating when he did that. Photoshop is a digital darkroom. It just has a lot more ways to tweak your photographs than the old darkrooms had. And aren't we lucky to have it?