Sep. 8, 2020

Catching A Rainbow

Lake Tahoe Rainbow ~ Christine B. (c) 2004

The most wonderful thing about a photograph is that it captures a moment in time forever. Well, if not forever, for as long as the photograph lasts. If the photograph is digital, it lasts much longer than if it is has been taken with film. I call photographs, "memory triggers." When you look at a photograph you remember what you were doing when you took the photograph, where you were, and who was with you. It triggers your memories of the event. Photographs keep the memories alive.
Not only are photographs artistic renderings of a certain subject matter, but they are considered works of art when they are set up proportionally perfectly. The general rule is that the subject matter should be in the third section of the photograph. In this particular photograph, everything seems to be in the third section of the photograph, so it is ascetically pleasing to the eye. And this particular photograph needed to be in color and not in black and white to capture its best value. I was able to capture all the colors of the rainbow in this shot. I just happened to be lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. That is a rare occurrence for a photographer. It wasn't planned. I just stepped out of my car, and this is what I saw. I just so happened to have my camera hanging around my neck at the time. Kismet.