Aug. 28, 2020

Errors in Your Manuscript

Blue Monarch Christine B. (c) 2003 Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara Falls, Canada

I have been neglecting my blog lately because while submitting the first few chapters of my latest book, "Sanctuary" to a literary agent for submission for possible movie rights I noticed some errors, so I decided to edit the entire manuscript of the book again to make sure I caught every error. I missed quite a few of them, I found. No matter how many times an author or a professional editor edits a manuscript a few errors always slip by to the finished book. There is just no ways to avoid it. There are simply too many ways in the English language to make a mistake.

One of the great things about the self-publishing process, however, is that when an author discovers an error in his/her manuscript, it is a relatively easy fix to remedy the error. You just have to correct it in the original manuscript and then download the corrected manuscript and the error is corrected when the next person orders the book. That is not the case when your book is published by a standard Publishing House. As a matter of fact, In most cases, errors can never be fixed by large publishers.

It costs large publishing houses too much money to correct errors so they choose not to do it. And their editors make errors just like everyone else does. You will find them in Danielle Steele novels just as often as you might find them in mine. Well, maybe not quite as often, but you can find them. It does happen. The difference is, I can correct my errors when found, and Danielle cannot get her publisher to correct theirs.

This is just another perk to self-publishing. it is another drawback as well. I went through my last novel, "Sanctuary" four times before I published it, and once after I published it. It is a very long process and an embarrassing one when the errors show up. It is worth the effort it takes to go over the manuscript as often as it takes and by as many other people as it takes to review your manuscript before it's published to weed out the errors before you finally publish it. Do your best to get them all, and then pray that no one notices the ones you miss. Remember, not everyone is the English scalar you are.