Aug. 4, 2020

Private Residence

When it gets too hot in California the place to go is Mendocino. Mendocino is on the northern coast and there is always a cool breeze coming off the ocean up there. There is a point where you come through a pass on Route 1 and the temperatures, can drop twenty degrees. I have often been known to say to my husband when the summer heat gets to me and it soars to 107 in Placerville, "Take me to Mendocino!"

Another thing Mendocino is known for is its gardens. They are outstanding. There is always moisture coming off the ocean there so the flowers bloom as if they are in heaven there. There are flowers everywhere in Mendocino. The most beautiful garden is the one on Main Street that boosts the sign "Private Residence." It is the most amazing and the largest garden in town. The centerpiece of the garden is the totem pole. The flowers bloom hardily around it all year round, showing different colors throughout the season.