Aug. 2, 2020


Sanctuary, A Colleen Broadhurst Adventure [5]

I just finished the writing of my tenth book. I'm proud of this accomplishment. Who would have ever thought that I would have been able to write and publish ten books in this incarnation? Certainly not me. It just goes to show that if one is determined enough to keep with it, one can accomplish anything they set their mind to. One doesn't have to be a genius to be an author, one just has to know how to tell a good story. The people who ready my books tell me that I know how to do that. At least my fans keep begging me to write more, and that is what keeps me writing. When the people who read your books love them, that is all an author needs to keep on writing. Would I like to be as successful as a Daniel Steel or even an Agatha Christie? Of course, I world, who wouldn't? But at this point, I'm happy to be appreciated by the small circle of readers who appreciate the stories I tell. Maybe someday, after I'm gone, my books will be even more appreciated. After all, Van Gough was never famous until after he died. What a shame for Van Gough!

Anyway, the moral to that story is to just keep on writing, as I have said before. Don't write for anyone else but for yourself. If you have a story to tell, then tell it. And sooner or later, enough people will want to read your stories and appreciate them. That's my advice, and I'm sticking to it!

Look for my newest book, Sanctuary to be available on Amazon by mid-Auguast, after I have edited it two or three times.