Jul. 27, 2020

North Yuba River

Yuba River, Northern California. (c) Christine B.

The Yuba River is one of the most beautiful rivers in California. It meanders through pines and river rocks for miles. It flows through a small town named, Downieville, California, which is a charming community located on Route 49 and is the County Seat of Sierra County.

I visited Downieville often with my fourth husband, Greg. Greg and I owned a 19' travel trailer that we used to camp in on a regular basis. The nice thing about camping in California is that we could camp all year long. We used to camp on Thanksgiving weekend every year. It was our favorite time of the year to go camping because it was never crowded at our favorite campsite.

Camping in the woods if the perfect place to write as well, or at least to take notes for a short story or a poem. Being in nature is always inspirational. Even if you don't meditate every day, meditation is easy to do when you are sitting near a campfire in the middle of the woods. Make sure you have a notebook nearby so you can write down your thoughts. I have written several poems while in the woods or when sitting by a stream. Standing in front of a waterfall is especially inspirational for me. Find your inspirational place and go there often, physically, or mentally.