Jul. 25, 2020

Pollock Pines Garden

My Pollock Pines Garden (c) 2003 Christine B.

Another thing I have been especially fond of doing in this incarnation is gardening. I'm quite sure I was gardening in many past lives as well because it comes so naturally to me. The garden you see in the photograph is my favorite garden. I am like the Johhny Appleseed of gardens. I have planted a garden at every home I've ever lived in, whether I've owned the home or not. This house I owned with my third husband. I have to say that it was my favorite home, my favorite garden, but NOT my favorite husband.

The rocks you see that border these flower beds came from the National Forest that was located behind the privacy fence behind our house. We procured a permit to be able to take out ten tons of rocks from the National Forest. No one weighed the rocks, of course, so we had no idea just how many tons we took out, but it was a whole lot, as you can see. The paths were made from the pine needles that fell from the trees naturally, so that was a cheap and steady source of path material. I made sure the trunks of the trees had no lower branches to act as fire ladders, so using pine needed was safe. I installed an automatic sprinklers system for most of this area, so I didn't have to water much, but I enjoyed that process. It was a way for me to "commune" with my garden every night. In California, the rains stopped at the end of May and they didn't come back until the end of October. That is why California is so prone to fires.

One of the reasons we purchased this house was because it had a privacy fence in the back yard. The other homes in the neighborhood were not permitted to have fences of any kind because of the neighborhood homeowner's rules and regulations. We were lucky that the man who owned the home before us was a police officer who took care of a police dog, so he was able to get a variance of the rules. The fence kept in the police dog, and it kept out the deer from eating all the beautiful flowers I planted in my garden. It worked out perfectly for me.

I'm writing about my garden today because, not only do I miss it, but it also inspired me to write several poems and a short story. Sometimes things that mean a great deal to you can inspire your writing. Actually they almost always do. They should. A writer should always write about what they know about. If you know about gardening, that's what you should write about. If you know about race cars, write a story about a race car driver. If you are a history buff, they write a historical novel. And sometimes, just looking at a beautiful landscape can inspire you. Don't be afraid to use your imagination. Remember what I always say, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, even if it might not be probable.