Jul. 21, 2020

Mossbre Falls

[Mossbrae Falls, Dunsmuir, California (c) Christine B. 2006]

This photograph was taken at Mossrae Falls in Dunsmuir, California. Dunsmuir is a small town on Route 5 just south of Mt. Shasta. The falls is hidden and you have to walk a mile on the railroad tracks to get to it, so not many people know about it. In order to find the start of the tail one has to drive through a small housing development and then park your car along the railroad tracks in a small area with no signs that mark the trailhead. Because of this, Mossbre Falls is one of the locals' best-kept secrets.
The water from the Sacramento River seeps through the lava rock walls that have ferns and moss growing on it now because of the constant moisture, making it the most unusual waterfalls you will ever see. It is enchantingly beautiful. It is well worth the adventure of finding the trail and the hidden entrance to the falls. It is one of those places that once found, you will never forget.
You will have to dodge the trains that still use the train tracks that lead to the falls and the Trussel that is right at the entrance to the falls entrance (clue, clue)

If the Trussel looks familiar, it might, because it is the one used in the Stephen King movie, "Stand By Me."

The reason I bring up Mosbrae Falls is that sometimes adventures like these and special places you visit like this one can be an inspiration for stories, as this one might have been for Stephen King when he visited Mosbrae Falls. No one who ever visits this place could possibly leave it uninspired. These are the types of things one should do in their lives in order to find inspiration, not only for writing but for life itself. Believe me, you haven't lived until you have stood ten inches from a speeding train because that is all the room that there was between you, the train, and the riverbank that fell away on the other side of you. What a rush!