Jul. 20, 2020

Christine B. 1981

No matter how old a reader is, they all love to see illustrations in a book they are reading. Most of my books are illustrated with black and white photographs. I almost always add a photograph or two, just to add interest to my books. My last book, "I Remember," which is an autobiography, has 184 photographs. My book of poetry, "Through My Eyes ~ Photographic and Poetic Reflections by Christine B." has 130 photographs. My novels have mush fewer, but I like to add some throughout the books, usually at the beginning of a chapter to foreshadow what the chapter might be about. I probably add the photographs because I have been an avid photographer my entire life and it has been my passion, second only to my passion for the investigation of the paranormal and for writing. That way I am able to add all my passions together, I guess since I always write about the paranormal. That is what I know about the best. An author should always write about what they know about the best.

The thing that I love to write about is the "What if" element of life. The aspect that anything is possible, even if it is not probable. If you go through life opening your mind to that concept, then your writing possibilities are endless. I never allow myself to be bound by normal boundaries.

I often think about how much fun Rod Serling must have had when he was writing his Twilight Zone episodes. Nothing he wrote about was too far out. His mind had no limits on his creativity. He thus turned out some of the greatest thought-provoking programs on television of his time. His work is deemed classic and is still shown some sixty years after it was originally aired.

I hope you all have an enjoyable Monday. Write about something you experienced today, and put a twist on it, just for fun.