Jul. 18, 2020


Okay, so this is my first blog posting. I am starting this blog because I thought it might be fun to reach out to readers who might have questions about why I write about what I write about and where I get my inspiration. The truth is I get my inspiration from many different places.

Since I have been interested in the paranormal all my life, litereally, I have read hundreds of books about it... all phases of it. When I was about eight years old my Grandmother Helen used to tell me that she saw her brother Tony all the time. Tony had passed away years earlier. She had been very close to him, and she missed him, so that is probably why he came to visit her so often. She told me she saw her father standing at the foot of her bed on occasion as well.
I asked her once what happened to her father. She told me he left the family when she was very young. That was why her mother had to work. She didn't tell me that he committed suicide. I found that out years later when I began researching my family history and discovered a newspaper article about his death.
Anyway, back to my inspiration. Chapter Six of my first novel, The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning, was a dream I had in the 1970s. It had such an effect on me that I wrote it down and I used it in that novel. Basically, the novel was written around that dream.
Other inspiration comes from my constant "What if" brain mind-set. For instance, I am currently writing my fifth Colleen Broadhurst Adventure novel. It is based on what is occurring right now with the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Wait until you read about what I think is REALLY GOING ON. The new novel is entitled, "Scantuary>" I should be published by the end of August.