A collection of 130 poems and black and white photographs by Christine B. Christine has been writing poetry since she was a youth. She was a professional photographer and has won many awards for her photographs. Christine shares her thoughts and insights through her poetry and photographs in this amazing book.




A curse goes out to all men I have ever loved
Who never loved me back,
To those who took the love I gave,
And who treated me with ungrateful lack.

 The boys who lied when I was young,
And stories they did tell,
Of conquests, over me, they did have,
When nothing but kisses on them fell.

 When I first wed, I did devote
My entire life to thee,
But was rejected by love too strongly held,
For money and childfree.

 When next the man I did love deep,
From a past life, I did recall,
But once again was set aside,
Because of a dollar’s call.

 Then next I opened up my heart
To one who I thought was kind,
I learned whose temper tempest swell
Drove love completely from out of my mind.

 As soon as I utter those fatal three small words
To another who I gave my trust
I found he was more interested
In me, only for the vacant lust.

 I try once more in number three,
A long-distance romance blooms
When in the third year I realize
This marriage is yet to be doomed.

 In number four I thought for sure
That this was the one to be,
But the very day after he said he did,
No more love did he give to me. 

 Then came to me a widower man
From a call from a spirit bride,
I rushed to his side to help him reclaim
But he too soon pushed me aside.

 A Noble man told me some tales
So I did not take my heed,
And because I wanted to believe his lies
Once again, my heart did bleed.

The lawyer told me how very beautiful
He found my body and face,
But as soon as I spoke those three little words,
He made me feel disgraced.

So after a time, I’ve finally learned
From all the men who've come into my life
That my love is something I’ll not give away,
And will avoid unnecessary strife.


Christine B. 2020